Our Products

Evoko Minto

Get the message through to everyone — wherever you are. Intelligent and wireless audio conferencing. Ready for use with your mobile phone, tablet or laptop, fast tracking you to the core of the meeting.

Evoko Liso Room Manager

Evoko Liso is your touch-screen solution for all your meeting rooms. It makes it easier than ever to book a room with your favorite digital calendar, or directly on the screen using your fingertip.

Evoko Groupie

Fit everyone on screen for effective and fun communication. Video conferencing lens that widen the field of view to fit everyone, so that their body language is visible.

Evoko Pusco Floor

Reach out. The next level of digital signage for your office or lobby. An indoor electronic sign that works like a freestanding digital posting board where you can easily communicate internal and external messages to your visitors and employees.

Evoko Pusco Wall

Easy to manage. With pre-designed templates, different people in the organization can be responsible for updating the content they are responsible for.

The modern way to meet

Say hello to the most important participant in your future meetings.