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Targa Electric Projection Screen

The wall- or ceiling-mounted, Targa electric projection screen is a popular choice for auditoriums, conference and lecture halls, hospitals, hotels, boardrooms, and churches. Housed in a pentagonal steel case with matching endcaps that form universal mounting brackets makes installation of the Targa easy, whether wall- or ceiling-mounted.

Micro Projector Lift

The Micro Projector Lift utilizes an exclusive three-scissor design to provide lateral and front-to-back stability for the projector. It features a maximum 35-pound lifting capacity with extension positions for show and service to provide ease-of-access for projector maintenance. It requires only a minimal amount of overhead ceiling space for installation.

Clarion Fixed Projection Screen

Clarion’s screen is stretched behind the beveled perimeter frame to create a taut viewing surface. This results in better image quality making it ideal for boardrooms, conference rooms, universities, or home theaters. The black frame forms an attractive border that offers a clean, theater-like appearance.

Video Conferencing Camera Lift: CEILING

Draper’s ceiling Video Conferencing Camera Lift (VCCL/Ceiling) is a unique product designed expressly for video conferencing cameras. It conceals the camera just above the ceiling when not in use, lowering it into position immediately below the bottom edge of a ceiling mounted projection screen in “down” positio

Phantom Model A

The Phantom Model A lift pivots the projector into presentation position. The projector can be easily aligned during installation to provide a direct light path onto your Draper projection screen


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